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SCS Retirement's Code of Ethics


Our team agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. To do so, we must be knowledgeable and remain current on this body of rules and legal requirements. We also commit to serving our clients and prospects with the highest degree of professionalism and ethics.


Our team recognizes the need to be thorough and focused in carrying out our professional responsibilities. These qualities require diligence, planning, oversight and follow-through in working with our clients.


Clients and prospects have a right to expect that their information is kept confidential. Our team will not disclose to third parties any client or prospect data or information that is entrusted to us, unless approved in advance by the client or prospect, or as required by a legal authority.


Our team understands the continually evolving nature of our industry. We are committed to ongoing education in our field so that we may apply this knowledge to our work. Further, we will apply sound judgement in determining where the limits of our knowledge and experience lie, seeking out expertise when appropriate.


Our team understands that serving the client with honesty and skill is our primary goal. To that end, we agree to always place the best interest of the client or prospect ahead of our own, deferring the promise of personal gain.


We believe in the importance of full disclosure when it comes to any compensation we receive in connection with the services we provide.