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Separation Services

Changing jobs?  What are your going to do with your retirement savings?

Your job situation has changed, so you have some choices to make regarding your retirement savings. The decision about what to do with the money is an important one. The Financial Advisors at SCS Retirement are here to help you review your options, so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

Compare Your Options

Well informed = Well Prepared

Determining which option is best can be challenging. There is no "one size fits all" solution.  The best choice will vary depending upon an individual's  financial needs and savings objectives.

Exploring your Options

Option 1: Rollover to an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

Option 2: Leave the assets in your prior employer's plan (administrative fees may apply)

Option 3: Rollover to your new employer's plan (if your new plan allows)

Option 4: Cash Distribution (taxes and IRS penalties may be due)

SCS Retirement can assist you by explaining the objective of keeping your money in a tax-deferred retirement account, such as an individual retirement account (IRA). You may avoid paying early withdrawal penalties and give your assets more time to grow. Additionally, a Financial advisor can explain the pros and cons of remaining in your current plan or rolling assets into another retirement plan.

If you’re ready to keep your money working—or simply want to discuss your options—call us.

You Have Choices. We’ll Help You Make the Right One!

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