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Financial Planning Process

What is the Financial Planning process at SCS Retirement?

At SCS Retirement, we have a clear process to financial planning.  Establishing and defining our relationship is the 1st step in the financial planing process.  Understanding our services, each parties responsibility within the relationship, a clear understanding of our compensation, fees and how decisions are made on an ongoing basis, are integral to the process.

After we have an understanding of your own unique financial situation, personal financial goals and your attitude about risk, a comprehensive analysis and evaluation is completed.  This allows us to develop and present the most suitable recommendations to reflect your personal concerns and goals.

This process allows us to implement and agree on how recommendations will be carried out. Coordination between other professionals such as attorneys and tax advisors can be established for more tailored advice. 

Monitoring your recommendations on a regular basis allows us to track progress and make adjustments to better reflect any changes to your needs, report progress and be proactive regarding investment and global economic volatility.